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Our 2014 ANNUAL exhibition was held again on Mayday weekend SAT SUN 3rd 4th May 2014 at new venue Whitcliff Sorts Centre in Cleckheaton.
The Arthur Towers Shield (Chairmans choice) was awarded O gauge layout Dubmil Sidings by Steve Thomson seen here receiving the shield from Chairman Ian Atkinson

The Pennock Trophy for the layout voted best by the public was awarded to 00 modern DCC sound layout Chestnut Road. seen here recieving the cup from Chairman Ian Atkinson

Main (Annual) 2014 exhibition archive


Anjst-lesspork 1.8m by 0.9m 009 (4mm =1ft) see www.hnorwood.co.uk/files/angst.htm

Hugh Norwood's layout is a tribute to the "Discworld" books of Terry Pratchett and to a certain city on a certain flat world travelling through space on the backs of four elephants, which in turn, stand on the back of a giant turtle.
The scene is urban with a tidal river to the front.  Buildings are predominately timber framed, and there are no internal combustion vehicles. 
You may be able to find the Alchemists’ Guildhall (complete with stuffed alligator), one of the many Watch houses, and of course Mad Lord Snapcases Cruet set.
The Librarian appears occasionally. The dwarfs come from the war gaming fraternity. This is my first railway layout.

Black Road O gauge LIVE STEAM 8' by 6' (Brian Clayton) First time out
My main interest in the model railway field lies in designing and making fine scale live-steam locomotives in the smaller gauges from 9mm to 0 gauge.
Several years ago I devised a way of making remotely controllable small industrial locos on gauge 0 (7mm scale) which are capable of performing shunting operations in a fairly confined space. The prototype Avonside B3 0-6-0 can be seen on the layout.
I made a further 4 small locos two of which are not strickly speaking industrials but are NER H2 0-6-6 tanks which all perform very well.
The locos are gas fired and are powered by a very small twin cylinder oscillating engine located between the frames and geared to the axle usually at 3:1 ration. They are controlled by a hand held switch which feeds 12V dc to the rails and then to a purpose designed servo operated a steam valve on the locos.
The success of the locos has been such that it has encouraged me to make a presentable layout on which they could perform shunting operations as well as haul trains.
In order that I can plausibly run passenger as well as goods trains it seemed sensible for the layout to represent a fictitious preserved industrial railway on the lines of Tanfield, Beamish or Middleton. The Black Road is the name from a long gone colliery railway in Leeds close to where I lived as a child. The layout very compact and fits into a small hatchback type car. Please feel free to ask any questions as I enjoy talking about steam engines as much as I enjoy making them.

Chard Creamery O gauge  8' by 2' (Richard and Sue Andrews)

After years of growing up and being woken up by milk churn lorries at 7.45 am, living in a small village which had the S and D Railway to Basinbridge Milk Factory, with the River Brue running past it, memories are made that have lasted a lifetime.
So when it came time to build a new layout thoughts turned back to those boyhood memories, and as I love small shunting layouts I decided to see if I could build a O Gauge layout representing a milk factory with either a river or as it turns out a canal running beside it in a 4 ft. x22 inch wide board.
Mock ups were made and I decided that I could put three tracks down without points to give me a loading/unloading bay for the milk, a centre road which coal and other goods could be shunted to the back of the site, and a front siding which went to another loading/unloading bay for dry goods, butter, cheese, etc. which was manufactured at the creamery.
As I did not wish to copy Basinbridge as it had only one siding with the branch line passing in front of it, I chose to make the building freelance of similar design.
The name Chard was chosen as there used to be a canal from Taunton to Chard, now long defunct, and I had a Skytrex Barge which I built and painted needed a home to put it, so this was the ideal situation
Some use has been made of the Skytrex Flat Buildings but all the main buildings are scratch built by myself out of card with Slater's brick overlay. The corrugated building at the back corner was built to sit where the pub is now but as it did not look right so eventually it got relegated to the back and the pub scene was built to replace it as it helps blocks the view to fiddle yard.

Chestnut Road 00 modern DCC sound 16' by 10' and  -  winner BMRC 2014 publics choice (ray Pennock Throphy)
Chestnut Road is a fictitious location set in the present day based around the Midlands.  The location is based on a medium sized container depot with a depot and fuelling point set in an industrial location with passing  freight and passenger services to keep interest.   The locomotives are from the major manufacturers (Bachmann, Hornby), Classes 08 – 67 while the odd DMU can also be seen. The rolling stock is also from the major manufacturers; the freight that can be seen on the layout varies from containers, china clay, engineers and Network Rail test trains, plus many more.
All the scenery and buildings are all off the shelf items from Bachmann, Hornby, and Woodland Scenics.
The fiddle yard can hold approximately seven trains so there is plenty of variety to keep your interest.

Dubmill Sidings (O gauge) 40' by 3' Featued  and  winner BMRC 2014 Chairmans choice
Steve Thompson's model of non-passenger operations in NW Cumbria set in 67-70
It depicts a fictional non-passenger part of the railway system somewhere in the North Western corner of Cumbria. Even though it is set in England {just} there are various reasons which we have made up so we can operate Scottish classes of locomotive as well as the English based ones.
The chosen era is 1967 to 1970 - Green and Blue diesels, grey" brown, blue and white freight stock and maroon and corporate blue parcels stock * all very colourful!. It has two, independent fiddle yards located to the rear at one end of the layout and we use one as the 'main-line' and the other as 'the branch'.
This branch leads to a harbour which is a few miles away. Trains ore worked into the sidings and are either dispatched down the branch or signalled into one of the storage siding available.
Parcel and von trains also work into the Goods Depot for loading /unloading. A small stabling point and maintenance shed are provided together with a refuelling point. This gives us the excuse of having plenty of light engine movements in and out of the fiddle yards.

Picture Courtesy Hornby Magazine
Baseboards are constructed {not very well} from 9mm plywood. Plain truck is C&L ready to lay flexi track with most point formations being built in situ using C&L components. The double slip is a Marcway product" Visible track is ballasted using Greenscene 4mm Ash ballast.
Track in the fiddle yards is PECO, including the two entrance points.
Control is DCC using Gaugemaster Prodigy wireless DCC controllers with points operated from panel mounted switches with Cobalt and Traintonics motors.
Rolling Stock is a mixture of ready to run, kit built and kit bashed items. All stock and scenery is weathered to hopefully provide a realistic exhibit for your enjoyment..

lf you have any questions or comments - please ask

Grassington 00 (BMRC) 28' by 3' 
see Layouts page

Image courtesy Hornby Magazine

Haase End 00 First time out 11ft by 15inches (Roger Epps)

Set in the in the northern part of the home counties commuter belt, Haase End is a small dormitory town whose main purpose in life is to send the bowler hat brigade to London every day.
The Haase End and Nowhere Railway was proposed in the late nineteenth century and the railway was soon built as far as Haase End but the money soon ran out and the line to Nowhere was never built, and onward travel was by road. Most of the rail traffic on the line is passenger trains with commuter trains morning and evening and a push pull shuttle during the day.

A limited amount of freight traffic also runs. Track is Peco code75 which has been painted suitably weathered and ballasted with Peco fine ballast. Peco point motors have been used and control is by an H & M walkabout controller, Buildings are from Bachmann and Hornby and have been weathered.
Scenics are all from commercially available sources such as Woodland Scenics and Greenscene.
Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to answer them.

Harrison Ford (American HO) 23' by 6' (Graham Harrison)
is an imaginery town in the Rockies and one built around a switchback in the railroad.

The railroad brings timber and minerals from higher up the mountains to the town which is developing on the edge of the Prairies. The layout depicts the steam era with typical backwoods locomotives and rolling stock. The complex trackwork provides for interesting operation but itis not based on any real location. The original fording point has been bridged by the railway

Heron Lane 00 modern  14ft by 2ft (Scarbrough MRS) http://sdrmweb.co.uk

Heron Lane depicts a locomotive servicing depot owned by English, Welsh and Scottish Railways (EWS) shortly after the company was formed in 1995, amalgamating four of the five freight sectors.
The Depot is set in a city suburb.

The depot is responsible for servicing some of the locomotives purchased by the company following a huge £750,000,000 investment. This includes the recently acquired Class 66 and Class 67 locomotives, as well as those inherited when the company was formed. Locomotives are fuelled on arrival; the depot’s huge appetite for fuel is supplied by rail. Those locos requiring examinations enter the two road maintenance shed; the depot is capable of carrying examinations up to level C. There are locomotive washing facilities EWS have quickly realised that other fledgling operators have no servicing facilities of their own. Frequent visits are made to the depot by other operators’ locomotives. High above the depot, various types of Diesel Multiple Unit shuttle back and forth on an elevated branch line. The layout is both Analogue and DCC controlled and utilises Peco track and point work.

Kirkby Stephen West 00 22' by 10' Huddesfield MRS featured see http://huddsrailwaymodellers.co.uk/

Picture Courtesy Hornby magazine

This layout was built by club members Ian Macdonald and Martin Wright. The Station buildings were made by Dave Garner and the Goods shed by Jim Porter The layout measures 6.6 metres by 3 metres and is operated from the central area. The layout was 'LAYOUT OF THE MONTH ' in the November 2003 issue of RAILWAY MODELLER it also featured in HORNBY Magazine nr 5, November 2007 and again Railway Modeller November 2012 issue .

Levisham N 10ft by 2ft Richard Pratt Harrogate MRC

Welcome to our representation to Levisham Station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The track plan is based on the current layout of the station and allows us to run a variety of locos and rolling stock that are in preservation. This includes anything from the regular passenger services through to the demonstration freight train and even the odd mainline locomotive.

Melrose End 00 4.3m by 0.6m' (Rainhil MRC) www.rainhillmrc.org.uk/melrose.htm
Melrose End has been designed to be shown at exhibitions and for use at home. The main emphasis of the layout is keeping operators and spectators interested in stock movements. The layout is split into two operating sections, a goods yard which consists of a run round loop, and three long sidings coal, open and closed running stock.

The branch line has a bay platform and a main platform which has a run round loop for three large coaches or four smaller coaches.

Other facilities are a private siding that is owned by an enginering company, a two road LNWR shed, with facilities for coal and watering. The buildings are both scratch built and kit built, with interiors and bits and pieces added. Most of the wagons and coaching stock are either ready to run or kit built; loads have been added to out of the box wagons. The period being portrayed is 1930's - 40's where the LMS and LNER have joint running rights. The stock in the storage area is controlled by cassette system.

Midsomer Mardy Z gauge 4' by 2' (Kevin & Angela Smith)

The layout packs a lot of detail and operating interest into just a 4ft by 2ft6inch and features an entire village bought from car boot sales and charity shops.
The buildings are resin cast cottages sold as collectors’ items including 'Tetley Tea folk' houses. They are to slightly varying scales and are used to "force the perspective" on the layout by using the larger ones at the front and smaller ones at the back to increase perception of depth.
The most any of these buildings has cost is £1.50. The station buildings and other railway structures are scratch built in plasticard based on Midland Railway and Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway prototypes. There is a small harbour which serves Mardy Frozen Foods warehouse and Mardy marine ships handlers.
Three trains can run simultaneously two on the lower track and one on the high level branch line.
The track is a mix of Marklin and Peco and all points are electrically operated. The lower tracks are fitted with overhead catenary.
Rolling stock is a mixture of diesel, electric and steam based on Marklin chassis and includes class 47s,56s,90s and HSTs. Steam outline includes LNER A3s and A4s.
Rolling stock is a mix of scratch built and repainted Marklin items.
Hidden on the layout (and very small indeed) the good folk of Midsomer Mardy are up to their favourite pastime, murder!
Midsomer Murders is a popular TV detective show in England set in a sleepy village full of thatched roofed houses. See if you can spot the murders that have or are about to happen.
The layout uses the same exhibition plinth and lighting rig that our previous Mardy model Railway Club and Mardy Engineers layouts used
The layout is quite ground breaking in representing the U.K rail scene in Z.
Any questions from the public are always welcome.

Pick Purse Halt O gauge  9' by 2' (Richard and Sue Andrews)
The layout portrays a wayside halt along a GWR Country branch.
In front of the halt there is a two road goods depot, for agricultural goods , etc. The layout is set in the mid-1930s and you will see Steam Railmotor and Auto Coaches running along the branch, with small Pannier Tanks bringing in the Goods Wagons.
The idea of the layout was to see how small I could build an O Gauge layout, so I could run my coaching stock and also have some goods traffic as well.

Rose Cove 0-16.5 (Dave Burrows Skipton MRS) 5' by 2'

Tinsley South 00 18ft by 18inch' (Steve Saxby Sheffield MRS) www.sheffield-mrs.com

Sheffield 1970 era  mixed 1500V Electric and Diesel Layout.
A suburban station on the GC Sheffield – Rotherham line on what is now the Sheffield Supertram line near Meadowhall. It assumes that this line was developed and retains a passenger service. For exhibitions/added operating interest, trains are often diverted from the Midland Line due to engineering works.

Features 1500v ‘Woodhead’ style overhead line electrification. Featured in Modern Railway Modelling Issue 2. Capable of operating on either DC or DCC. Has working colour light signals interlocked with point setting. Track is SMP with hand-built points operated by SEEP motors

Titheridge junction BMRC 16' by 8' First time out
Expected to be ready for the exhibition is our new N gauge BR diesel era layout named after the late dbschenker driver Steve Titheridge. Featuring a MERG Cbus controlled fiddle yard with route setting.

see Layouts page for more details.

Toms Sidings 00 (Martin Gajos) 6' 6" by 1' 6"
A 60-80's steam to diesel transition setting

“Toms Sidings” portrays a three road siding the centre road of which is formed from a truncated branch line, which is visible through the bridge on the left hand side of the layout. There is also a disused trackless engine shed. The time setting is roughly the nineteen sixties/seventies/eighties. The time period facilitates the display of a variety of Steam, BR blue and green era diesel locomotives. The backdrop is a panoramic photograph and some of the scenery are photographs forming “flats” or “wings”. (The concept of the layout borrows from theatre stage design.) Although minimal the layout facilitates a range of shunting and loco movements with a variety of rolling stock. Photographs of “Toms Shed” and other of our current and past exhibition and older layouts are on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/85298810@N07/sets/

Wändedor N Germany 1930’s (Neil Moxham and AZG) 4ft by 18" next to Neils Demo
Wändedorf is a fictitious branch terminus set in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.  It was originally a through station, but a number of landslides and a tunnel collapse have meant that the line has been cut back to this station.  The layout is set in the early 1930’s, a period when Bavaria had some autonomy over the livery of its locos and rolling stock, but the new State Railway liveries were slowly being introduced.
The locos and rolling stock are a mixture of Fleischmann, Minitrix and Arnold, trackwork is all Fleischmann, and the buildings are all Faller kits. The scenic dressings are mainly Green Scene, the trees are The Model Tree Shop and Ceynix products, and the figures are a mixture of Preiser, Langley and Noch. 
If you have any questions please ask and I will endeavour to answer them.


  Telephone : 01300 345355
Aspire gifts and models www.aspiregiftsandmodels.co.uk;
Unit 4, Court farm Business park Buckland newton NR Dorchester DT2 7BT
We supply Quality New and Pre Owned Model Railway and Scenery.
We hold extensive ranges of Hornby, Bachmann, DCC equipment, Gaugemaster, Lenz, Dynamics and Full Hornby Systems & Decoders.
We also stock 00 Gauge Lighting, Diecast Vehicles, Backgrounds, Scenery Cards, Plastic Kits and all the Accessories required to build your complete model railway set up

B & C Transport C. Hobson; Sheffield. 07778614395
Good selection of items covering all forms of transport. Buses, cars, etc. Various items of railway goods

  www.elmetimages.co.uk C/O Bolton Abbey Station, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6AF Suppliers and manufacturers of quality scenery components, figures and detailing accessories. Model-making and photographic services also available etc  


Direct Trains Spares Burnley  07561 179117 or 01282 438083
www.directtrainspares-burnley.co.uk We are manufacturers of high quality products at affordable prices. We currently manufacture rolling road cradle units in various gauges ( N, O, OO, ) with other gauges to follow very soon. We also manufacture NEM 652 DCC decoder socket wiring harnesses.

Grosmont Books   www.grosmontbookshop.co.uk/ will be selling new Books and US outline models of various scales, but primarily HO, On30 and G scales.

Hobby Holidays www.hobbyholidays.co.uk/ mainly O gauge related items. The Spinney, Low St. Beckingham DN10 4PW 01427 848979

The Shunters Yard Hoyles Models  Chorley 07583 757772 www.hoylesmodelrailways.co.uk/ Specialists in Goods, industrial and small layouts.

Keiths Model Railways  0116 2778634 A Good selection of second hand and some new items. Items bough or part exchanged ; Most gauges.

M A and D pictures  email burrowsdave@live.co.uk
Railway related pictures and Photos

102 Trinity Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 1HS
Tel. 01427-811040. http://www.madabouttrains.co.uk/
Modelling Advice - Service Repairs - DCC Decoder Fitting - Limited Edition Models
DCC specialist we fit and supply sound chips. We stock a large selection of accessories and scenice materials together with electric componants.If you are building a layout we cater for all your needs. We also build layouts from N gauge to O gauge. Good honest and reliable advice is always available. We aim to please rather than fill the till. We carry a selection of locos and rolling stock. We buy and sell 2nd hand as well as new railway. Give us a try you will not be disapointed.
We build many kinds of dioramas and scratch built buildings. Should you require something differant. If it can be done we will try to do it for you. We also do repaint, renumbering and weathering. We also offer a repair service

 www.modelroadsandtramways.co.uk  - Caters for all modellers interested in Blackpool working lights to electronic control systems as installed at London Transport Museum. From railways to the Faller Car System, see a working Faller System with buses and lorries stopping and starting at working traffic lights. We carry a range of Faller bus spares. We will be on hand to discuss any query or question you may have.

  Model Tree shop www.themodeltreeshop.co.uk
Tel  01890 819 021 Address 4 David Hume View Heathgrange Chirnside Duns TD11 3SX
Suppliers of quality model trees in all the major scales.


Road and Rail Collectables     07763 001243 Model railways and die cast models
Hornby Wren Trix Hornby Dublo Bachman Lima OO N gauges.

Railbus (5.5) Gavin Bairstow; 01422 249961 - 3 School Cres; Bradshaw Halifax; HX2 9QR Transport books, videos, models and model railway items at bargain prices.

Smart Models make a range of downloadable card building kits for model railway and scale modelers www.smartmodels.co.uk

Todmorden Model Supplies(   ) www.todmordenmodelsupplies.co.uk
Here at Todmorden Model Supplies we aim to supply you with everything that you need to get your models running. We supply everything from the smallest nut to the largest bolts as well as everything in between, here at Todmorden Model Supplies we can also supply you with a variety of modelling media with everything from poly blocks to sheet brass

Nick Tozer Books www.railwaybook.com (2.2) Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4UJ Tel: 01484 518159 - Huge selection of second had books

Demonstrations/ Stands

Bob Dawson 1.2  (Sun only) will be demonstrating model building construction .

Modellers Workshop (Bob and Garath Rowlands) 1.2 We are experienced modellers who show members of the public how to go about a model railway. Our models have been featured on television, in many magazines and at exhibitions all over the country. We show how to solder, paint and weather, kit bash , wire layouts and assemble kits.  On display will be a selection of models we have built  in various scales. We can also show you how to make buildings using digital imaging from photos. Please feel free to ask us any questions about any aspects of model railways and we will try to answer them.

Neil Moxham (1.5) neilmoxham@supanet.com
A display of 2mm scale modelling by members od the Pennine area group of the 2mm scale association.
The group meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Keighley MRC clubrooms 14.00 on . Our current project is a model of Lightcliffe station set in the 1930's.
see www.pennine2mm.org.uk/

AZG (ALTE- ZEIT - GRUPPE) (2.4)Historical German Railway Society (3.2). A stand offering a range of publications, DVD's, members second hand items as well as recruitment. DVD's will also be showing examples of available material. Contact Secretary Mike Pringle, Salford, Lancs 01302 729378.
The Society's core period is 1835-1960 for enthusiasts and modellers. Quarterly Journal, Magazine circle, reference material and advise.
see http://trc.trains.com/groups.aspx

Peter Goss (1.2) will be demonstrating figure construction and painting.

 The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society founded 1950)
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society has supported and provided information for modellers for 60 years. We can help you with information about the railway so you can build your dream layout. Our colour “magazine” contains articles about modelling and our historical journal “LYR Focus” contains a wealth of information about the railway.
With over 75% of our membership modellers why not join a band of over 800 dedicated enthusiasts, you won’t regret it. Some suppliers produce kits and bits exclusively for our membership but the Society is willing to work with all manufacturers and attempts to obtain discounts for members on kits and publications, therefore adding value to membership.
Being an educational charity the Society aims to bring together all those with an interest in the "Lanky" whether that is historical research or modelling. Interested? You can contact us through our web page www.lyrs.org.uk  our adverts in the press, or better still visit our stand whilst at the show.

The Middleton Railway is the world’s oldest working railway. It is run entirely by volunteers, who operate train services (mainly at weekends) between Moor Road station and Middleton Park, in south Leeds. We have plenty for you to see at Moor Road, where we have a shop that sells souvenirs, sweets and hot and cold drinks. Also, our extensive museum collection is on display in the Engine House, and entry to this is free. You can combine a ride on the train with a visit to the park, and this makes a fun day out for all the family. As well as the normal train services, we run a variety of special events, including events aimed at school parties, and our Santa Special trains in December. We can also make special provision for birthday parties. Please note that there is easy disabled access to all of the public areas of the railway. Do browse our other web site at http://middletonrailway.org.uk/

NER Autocar Trust  http://www.electricautocar.co.uk/ A project to recreate a a North Eastern Railway single coach Autocar originally Petrol - Electric powered.

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